• IanTEB


    January 19, 2019 by IanTEB

    (I spelt hello wrong on purpose)

    Is anyone other than me contributing?

    If an Admin or anyone in a high position for this Wiki is reading, would you mind making me an Admin or something of the sorts? Cause right now this wiki could use some help, I know I decent amount about editing articles, if no admin or anyone is reading, then I'll probably adopt this wiki if possible.

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  • ROBLOXpro67


    November 3, 2018 by ROBLOXpro67

    Hello Editors Of This Wiki, I Will Be Adopting The Wiki Soon Because This User: User:Treepig_slayer Was The Creator Of The Wiki But He Only Made 2 Edits Since 2014 And I’m Really Upset To See Some People Have Been Vadanlizing And Turning Pages Too Inapprorpiate Stuff Like This User: Here Is A Inapprorpiate Edit User:Adgagdagdadsg Made: Well If You Want To See It. Anyways I Will Be Adopting The Wiki In A Few Days Thank You For Reading.

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